Monday, January 9, 2012

Lunar Madness, MIL Update.

I am tired this morning, I was at the emergency room last night (this morning) till 1:00 AM. It is true what they say about the full moon. I think I could have a months worth of blog material from last night.
Anyway, for those who know about my MIL, she is still having problems and last night I took her back to the hospital. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.
She did get a letter from the States Attorney and the scum who assaulted her is being charged with 1st degree attempted murder, home invasion and grand theft auto.


  1. Duke, thanks for the update. She will continue in my prayers. As far the the idiot who did this no matter what happens to him, it is not good enough. Maybe target shooting by your group?? He can hold up the targets as you all shoot at him. (evil smile)

  2. Prayers for your MIL's health and that the SOB who assaulted her is getting sodomized hourly at the jail.

  3. Sir, hope things are going well.

  4. Rob's Bunker, I like that option.
    Odysseus and Matt, Thank you.

  5. Still sending prayers your direction. I sure hope she gets feeling better. I know knocks like she took seem to have lingering complications. I honestly hope the puke gets some jailhouse boyfriends that rename him baby and treat him like the b%&#@ he is.

  6. Sorry, Bubba. This is my first look at the net all day...will keep her in my prayers.

  7. Lila, Thank you.
    Stephen, Thanks friend.

  8. my dear friend - i have not been reading any blogs in the last week - but i have been checking my blogroll for any posts of serious importance. it's because i have been at the internet only a few times in the last week or so - we have been busy around here.

    as soon as i saw the title of your blogpost, i stopped in to read. i am so sorry that your Mother In Law is still suffering. she has never been out of our prayers and i have wanted to ask about her many times but didn't want to be intrusive.

    thank you for sharing this latest update. she is so strong and so capable and she has the added bonus of a wonderful Son-In-Law...she is as lucky to have you as you are to have her. i am just glad that you have each other.

    remind her that there are people all over the world praying for her. and for you. because you are both cherished.

    your friend,

  9. Kymber, Thank you my friend your prayers are appreciated.