Thursday, September 1, 2011

22 Rifles

After my blog a couple of days ago and at the request of Stephen over at "Standing outside Looking In" I want to list some of my favorites.

The first one on top is my favorite as far as handling. It is a Rossi Gallery Gun, 16" barrel, stainless with dark wood stock. I can feed it shorts or long rifle shells as well as CB caps which I love as they will drop a squirrel in a heartbeat and make no more sound than a pellet gun. A semi-auto will not handle shorts or CB caps and with the short pump stroke it is very fast to get off multiple shots. I think it holds about 17-20 CB caps and functions flawlessly with them and all ammo for that matter. I love the look of this gun. Very accurate as well.

Second rifle is one I have had a long time also. I was prompted by the blog on survival rifles to dig it out. It is a Savage 22 LR on top over a 410 shotgun underneath. it is a great gun to have, a little on the heavy side but none the less a excellent multipurpose weapon to have. I keep having thoughts of cutting the barrel down to make it lighter an easier to handle but I don't know if I would use it enough to warrant killing any collector value it may have (which is not much now) 

Thirdly is a Ruger 10-22. probably my go to rifle if I was using a 22 in survival situation. I put a sling on it and stripped the stock down  to remove the shiny finish and gave it an oil rubbed finish like the old military rifles. I would like to put a peep sight conversion on it like the M1 carbine to make it easier for me to use the sights. As you know there is tons of add-on stuff for this gun but I am very traditional and like the look of it like it is. It is a work gun I have no qualms about getting it scratched. Which brings up a point, most of my guns are not safe queens, like my truck I take care of it but it gets used. Same with my guns, they get used and scratched em character, I loose no sleep over it.        


  1. In my hood people tend to feed all the animals, so even the squirrels would need something bigger than a .22
    I'll have to dig out my favorite one. It's been about 20 years since I've shot it but it was my Grandfathers. I think it's an Ithaca model 49 (maybe, 20 years dulls the brain) but it's a single shot level action top loading and amazingly accurate (or I'm just awesome... ya, I'm awesome!).

  2. Max, I only use 2 rifles on squirrels, either the 22 or 50-BMG. I tend to not use the 50 cal so much as it just leaves a greasy spot on the tree, although it saves you the trouble of cleaning and gutting.

  3. Max, he's serious....we get together time to time and take turns cutting down trees with our excess ammo.

    Duke, want to sell the Savage? Do 'ya, huh....?

  4. Stephen, I'll let you know about the Savage.

  5. Thanks for the link! I see you are new to this so I'll pass on a tip that Borepatch gave me and hope you don't mind. If a photo is too wide for the template (sticks out beyond the margins) into something else, go to the spot in blogger to edit the post. Click on "edit html" tag. The picture will now be a series of numbers and letters. Look for the word "width" in there followed by a number. You can adjust the size of the picture that way, by just making that number smaller. For this template "400" wide usually works for a single picture. Thanks again for joining the blog community. There are a lot of good folks out here and I'm really lucky to have a great bunch over at HOTR that visit regularly. cheers! Brigid

  6. Brigid, Thank you so much for the welcome and the good suggestion, I am not a computer guru so I fumble around. I hope people forgive my mistakes, I am learning. Thanks again. I look forward to reading your post in the future, please stop by any time. Duke.