Thursday, September 15, 2011

America's Biggest Looser

 It never ceases to amaze me how many Cool-Ade drinkers we still have in this country. Here are some pictures I took this morning of one of the biggest looser's I have seen in a while.

This truck has "Zero" stickers all aver it, there is nothing like driving around and telling the world you are a fool.

I see a few Obama stickers which are still on bumpers but not like this.

 Drivers door

Front bumper

This 2012 Obama sticker

I see he is still driving a pile of junk for a truck so I guess the big tribal chief hasn't bought him a new truck yet. Maybe he has got his new house by now.
I'm sure he also pays for his gas which no doubt is the reason for this public display of support.


  1. I still believe you should find some old Bush or better yet, Perry stickers and help him mend his stupid ways. What a f#$@*&g fool.

  2. Yep, I'm for change in 2012 too. :)

  3. Stephen, I couldn't believe someone has the stones to drive this around. An educated guess, he lives in a democrat neighborhood.
    TJ, me too.

  4. Where in Florida are you? I too want change...Change it back to G.W.!!

  5. it's a trap!!!!

    Bait car, I bet.

  6. Rob's Rangers, I'm in the NE part of the state
    Mudbug, I think it's for real, I saw the driver, trust me this guy is eat-up with a case of democrat

  7. He needs that 2012 sticker right where it is. Otherwise a headcheck might reveal the financial apocalypse coming up on his blind side!

  8. I'm charitably thinking that he must have lost one hell of a bet.

  9. Maybe he likes his men or women with hairy legs and pits.

    Damn granola eating hippies.