Friday, September 9, 2011

Whats on your bookshelf

 I used to read a lot as a youngster but got out of the habit when I married and got a job. Before I went to Iraq I bought an MP3 player and loaded all my music on it but after a few weeks paranoia started to set in because when listening to it I could not hear gunfire, incoming rounds or any other important info which might keep me alive so I went back to reading. We would get tons of books over there and they would usually be piled in locations where we could sort through what we wanted and take them to read. I got hooked on John Grisham novels and other similar type books. I could read about 3 a week during my down time.
After reading Brigid's blog about books I thought about all the books I have collected over the years, mostly technical manuals on guns, machinery, cars, trucks etc.

 Here is some in my other reading category

One Second After
Patriots, (Rawles)
Molon Labe
Bostons Gun Bible
Iraq and beyond
Lee Re-Loading manual.
Red Cross First Aid


  1. Wonderful - thanks for sharing!

  2. Want me to loan you some books, Bubba?

  3. How did you get into my house to photograph my bookcase? And why didn't you hang up the clothes in the washer?

  4. North, Stephen, Thanks, this is just a few I have
    Mudbug, I couldn't find the clothes pins.

  5. It's not terribly surprising that this circle o' bloggers have similar tastes in books, since we have similar tastes in writing. Go figure.