Thursday, September 29, 2011

St Augustine by Water

Yesterday I wrote about our fishing trip offshore St Augustine and said how beautiful the city was. I decided to show some more pictures I took as we left and returned.

River House, this is where my son and daughter in law had their wedding reception.
Down Town St Augustine
Old Houses, Bed & Breakfast Inns
Bridge of Lions. This bridge was recently re-built,  architecture meeting original
specifications except four lanes instead of two. 
West end of Bridge of Lions with old Flagler Hotel (now Flagler College) in background
Flagler was the railroad tycoon who built the railroad down the east coast and down to
Key West. 
Old Fort, as seen from ocean
Downtown river front
Nephew with shark he caught.


  1. Since Sweet Wife and I spend so much time in St Augustine I can walk its streets blind folded.

  2. wow! what a beautiful city! and what a beautiful place for a wedding! do you any wedding pics yet? if so - share please! i would love to see them!

    your friend,

  3. Stephen, I know what you mean, sometimes we take our bicycles and ride around town.
    kymber, I do have some pic's I may post soon.