Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Boxes.

 We have 3 boxes to use in this country, the "Soap Box (freedom of speech) to address grievances

We have the "Ballot Box" to elect representatives 

 And we have "Ammo Box" (Second Amendment) to fight tyranny......I have no doubt our founding fathers would already have reached for the latter.                                  


  1. Most of the smoke would have cleared three years ago.

  2. Stephen, my thought exactly.

  3. Don't forget the jury box, most nowadays are cowed buy the "legal experts" but the origin was to have 12 people put themselves in the shoes of the victim's and the defendant's and answer to their own conscience.

    A book series recently got into had an interesting take on capital punishment. Basically that the hand that passed the sentence should swing the blade, and if you couldn't look into a man's eyes and here his last words perhaps he didn't deserve to die.

  4. Odysseus, good point, I forgot about the jury box. The more you study our system of government the more you realize how brilliant our founding fathers were and it's no wonder it has lasted so long and hence the reason we get so angry at those who want to destroy it.