Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Interesting Find

I am always interested in finding storage boxes and ran across these yesterday. I was at a local gun shop and saw them for $9.99 each. There is 2 sizes both are 5"X 8" but one is about 3" deep the other about 5" deep. Both sizes were available in green and safety orange I bought one of each size. They are not the same quality as the "Pelican" brand boxes but were a third the price and seem very well made. They have a "O ring" rubber gasket and 3 snaps which lock them securely closed. They would be excellent for camping, canoeing, survival situation or just in a damp location to keep camera, keys, wallet etc. They have holes located to tie lanyard straps as well.  The smaller size seems perfect for a back pack while the larger would suit a first aid kit or larger storage for stuff like ammo. They are heavy plastic and are sturdy enough to stand on (well maybe if you are under 200 lbs) and should float easy and not get the contents wet. Either size would be good to assemble emergency supplies for a bug out bag that needed to stay dry. They have a compass built into the lid, while not military quality is better than no compass, there is also a cheap reflective signal mirror on the bottom. They are also made in the about that novelty. If you have already seen them don't burst my bubble, I thought they were neat for the price.


  1. Alright, Bubba, what gun shop? Remember, we have an over nighter next month. Let's try for the 8th and 9th? The next weekend is my grandson's birthday party...I'd skip it, know.

  2. Duke - i just showed the hubby (jambaloney) and he says he would love those in the canoe and for fishing! great find!

    your friend,

  3. Stephen, the 8th and 9th should be good. I found these at shooters.
    Kymber, They are neat, you should be able to get them at a good size outdoor sporting good store or maybe even wally-world. In the last picture you can see their web site maybe they have a link to order or list stores which sell them.

  4. Duke great find, now everyone will be looking for these.

  5. Rob's Bunker, I thought so as well.