Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cast Iron Love Fest

I love Cast Iron. I love the look of it, I like it's weight, I like the way it heats, I like the way it cooks, It feels good in you hands as a weapon,  it is the original "Non Stick" cookware. I admit I have a weakness when it comes to Cast Iron. About once a year I have the opportunity to be driving On I-24 just west of Chattanooga Tennessee and Pass near South Pittsburg Tennessee, the home of the Lodge Cast Iron Factory and outlet store. I always try and pass through during business hours so I can stop in. It you go into the shop over to the far right there is a room where they have piles of cast iron pots and other cookware which are "seconds" I guess they call them, these pieces usually are priced less than 1/2 original price. They are pieces which might have a small pock mark the size of a pin head which makes it not perfect, to be honest I have bought many pieces out of this room and can't find the flaw and have been totally satisfied with it. At any rate on my last visit I picked up a griddle I absolutely love. It is about 10" X 17" and is smooth on one side and has ridges on the other so you could cook something and
it would drain off the grease. It is excellent for camping and fits perfectly on top of a Coleman 2 burner camp stove. First time I used it camping my friend Stephen liked it so good he tried to steal it from me, I had picked up some frying pans for him and he was upset I did not get him a griddle also but I did this on purpose because I had to have something he was envious of.
Anyway I also like to use it at home, it fits very well across two burners on my gas range.

Here it is being used Labor day morning cooking pancakes. It is large enough to cook 3 good size pancakes as well as bacon or sausage as well, I like cooking this way so the flavors mix and it keeps every thing hot till it is ready to serve.
If you ever get a chance, stop in and visit the good folks at the Lodge Store and tell them Duke sent you, they will probably look at you funny because they have no clue who I am but mention me anyway. This is one of the great company's that still makes stuff in the USA and I am proud to support them. It is good quality cookware. Who knows next time I go by there I may get Stephen a griddle, he has been extra nice to me lately.


  1. I love the heck out mine. Back on the farm it was all I ever cooked with.

  2. It's the only pan I use to make gravy with. And the wife is letting me get more. I've even begun to store them by mounting hooks to the wall behind my wood burning stove as a talking piece. Gives the log cabin more of a rustic feel and it is still functional.

  3. You always know where you stand with a nicely seasoned piece of cast iron.

  4. I have to agree, cast iron is perfect for so many things. Not only do they last forever, you don't dent them when you drop them on the floor.

    Instead you chip the tile.
    Slow cooking in a nice cast iron pot just can't be beat.

  5. MDR, I think it is a standard on all farms.
    Mudbug, it is addictive stuff
    45er, I agree
    Max, you are right it will tear up the floor.

  6. Nice find! I love my Lodge stuff too. I figure it's probably one of the few things I've acquired so far that my kids will actually get use from when I'm gone.

  7. Orange Jeep Dad, you are correct it is heirloom quality stuff.

  8. Clint Eastwood anyone?

    "Aim for the heart Ramon, or you'll never stop me."

  9. It's not shiny or pretty but it can't be beat for the quality of the food prepared with it! Cast Iron "rocks"!