Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fire For Effect

"Fire For Effect" was a term we used shooting mortars when you "hung" as many rounds as possible in the air to hit a wide area, so here I am hitting multiple subjects.

Thanks and welcome to my new blog followers, Warlock, Orange Jeep Dad, BlueEyedBaby, Chandler.B, TheGomezClan, Blackisis01. If I miss any one I am sorry. I try and respond as much as possible. If you have a blog let me know I will check it out.

I wrote a few days ago about "Low Budget Scout Rifle"  and found this link today on SurvivalBlog
He writes about the same Rifle, Ishapore 2A (among others) and has some other good info.

Earthquake NY, I did hear they found the reason for the Earthquake a few days ago in the North East. It was caused by our Founding Fathers turning over in their graves.

Security,  I have seen some posts in recent days about site security and keeping some information such as locations and family details as safe as possible. Here is a link with some very good info, It's a short news story how people can find you without you knowledge. Very chilling stuff.

Stay safe, Duke.


  1. Charlie 4, this is Charlie 6 actual, Rounds complete over.

  2. Fun paranoid fact on Smartphones they can be remotely activated both as a tracker and a listening device. You can't even take the battery out of an Iphone.

  3. Odysseus, I am not that technology savvy but it seems like there are more and more ways to track us now.
    Max, Rodger that.
    North, I try to spice it up.

  4. Duke, you are pure spice....Out.