Saturday, September 10, 2011

I love Fall Weather

I sat on my porch this morning it was cool and crisp, the little creatures are still busy storing food.
I  enjoy cool weather. Being from the South I always had a high tolerance to heat but being in the desert changed that I think, talk about making your blood boil. It's no wonder all those countries over there are always fighting with each other, It's the heat (that along with ugly women and they can't get drunk)

Here it is nice and cool in the shade. Ahhhhhh sweet relief.


  1. I think our little bit of cool weather is over. My gauge sat at 73 this morning. My firewood waits...

  2. Yes! It was a beautifully cool morning. I think fall is going to make her grand entrance soon!

  3. Stephen, You may be right, it was nice for a few days though
    Secret Pal, Yes it was nice this morning. Thanks for Joining.

  4. You are a poet, my friend. Ugly women. Hah! Good stuff.